My name is Nathan Woodrow and I am the Founder and CEO of Ryde Clothing: welcome to the Movement! 

At Ryde, we don’t do fashion: we create moments. More important to us than clothes is Community (yes, capital C!) and our Community is what inspires us and drives us. We know where we’ve come from and we know where we’re going: The Ryde Community is inspired by home. As such, this newsletter will be a place where we talk not just about products, but about the people that wear them.

The idea of creating moments really means something to us here at Ryde; we believe in it. Because we live the brand and we have lived the experiences that have gone into making Ryde what it is and what it is about, we know that the moments that go into make people’s days and lives are far more important than clothes could ever be, and we will never pretend otherwise. However, we also know that sharing moments with like minds, like hearts and like souls adds a deeper and richer layer to an experience and that is why we are so committed to growing the Ryde Community, so everyone that is passionate about something can find other people to share that passion, and those moments with. 

Welcome to the first edition of the Ryde Community Newsletter; we couldn’t be more stoked to have you along for the Ryde!   


PS. I’d also like to introduce you to Banjo. Banjo is Ryde’s Engagement Engineer and if you ever need to reach him, he shares an email address with me.

What's happening in the Ryde Community?

July and August were exciting months for us here at Ryde Clothing. This period saw us continue to explore the world around us and our place within it. We experienced full days and daring adventures with members of the Community in order to keep resisting the notion that growing up has to mean growing old.

What July and August included:

Ryde hosted stalls at the following markets: Renmark Riverfront Markets 9 July; Mildura City Markets 10 July; and, Glenelg Winter Markets 31 July. 

On Tuesday 19 July, Ryde presented at Industry Connect 2022, Torrens University, connecting with emerging professionals within the retail and design sector.

On 30 July, Ryde opened a pop-up studio for the day at Murray Bridge Marketplace.

In early August, Nath headed to Byron Bay in northern NSW to explore a range of growth and collaboration opportunities for the company. 


"May 23, 2021 “Not every day must be a grand adventure. Nor can it. For if every day was an adventure, then the magic of it would fade. There is beauty in routine moments as well. Find them.” 

A journal entry from a year ago while living in Nicaragua. And I’ve struggled with this. As I return from travel, more times than not, I experience what I call “Post Adventure Depression.” After all of the buildup. The anticipation of living a good story and creating moments that will turn into memories, I return home feeling a bit empty because it’s over. What’s next? Where’s the next big trip, challenge, adventure? The in-betweens have been hard for me. But I recently started rockin with the idea of creating everyday moments. I’ve heard it said that there is magic and wonder in the routine… we just have to notice them. 

I tend to fall into this idea that a good memory requires a great effort. That the quality of the moment is linearly related to the effort, sacrifice, commitment it takes to get there. And while a great effort does yield great joy… it isn’t a prerequisite to a fulfilling moment. What if everyday… in the routine of to-do's, deadlines and busyness, we can find moments that bring us joy? Coffee in the quiet hours of morning, an afternoon walk in the sun or conversations with old friends and strangers. The coolest part is that these moments happen every single day. Unlike the grand adventure moments, these don’t require anything other than noticing them. And if we’re intentional about finding these daily moments, then we will. 

I want to live with a greater sense of daily wonder. To be more in awe of the magic in my routine. The breeze of sunset hours, smell of sea spray in the air or an afternoon taco break (classic San Diego day). The moments are there. It’s easy to overlook them though because we live it everyday. But how much sweeter is life when we don’t miss them? Let’s create more daily moments and notice the ones that are already there.

- Blake 

Blake Wilson is Ryde’s Inspiration Engineer and is based in San Diego. He is also currently responsible for some of Ryde’s US Collaborations.

Later in 2022, Ryde will release its Inspired Range for Summer 2022. The Inspired Range is slated to include a range of high quality products ideal for Ryders to wear and enjoy in a range of situations. From lunch at the beach to a formal evening out, the Inspired Range will ensure that you are ready to create moments wherever you go.

At Ryde, each of our products starts with a concept sketch from our CEO, Nathan Woodrow, before going to our team for development and production. At this point, Nathan sketches his concept for the product and makes annotations around design, material, cut, fit, and colour palette. Nathan also goes as far as to consider where he can imagine Ryders wearing the products and the types of contexts the products would be appropriate for. 

Throughout this newsletter, we will endeavour to introduce you to more of the processes and people that create the items in our lines and ranges that we love bringing to you.

A rad day meeting the Ryde Community at the Glenelg Sunset Markets.