Ryde Community College Session I

Ryde International is stoked to be delivering the Ryde Community College program. As a storytelling and moments company, we're excited to continue to create new opportunities for our community to connect and grow together. 

Ryde Community College in conjunction with mindfulness expert Todd Corbin is committed to supporting, developing and growing a community of connected thinkers. Through sharing our experiences and understandings around what effective practice looks like for individuals, organisations and businesses, RCC aims to provide tangible and practical skills for those seeking to achieve a greater level of effectiveness.

Todd's experience as a speaker, author and mindful sports performance coach, combined with the experience of the Ryde team across a range of sectors and industries, supports the achievement of consistent and optimal performance for individuals and teams.

Feedback from Ryde Community College Pilot Project:

I found the Ryde Community College to be true to the Ryde messaging and the two topics were very interesting and challenging. This has helped me since, navigate my way to positive outcomes when we have had distractions pop-up and remembering to be present to deal with the situation.

Wow! The team at Ryde Community College have introduced topics that are relevant, empowering and practical; bringing a new refreshing approach to how I enjoy & embrace life.

Topic 1: Driving effective outcomes in the Attention Economy. 

We live in a diverse and challenging Attention Economy. Without us knowing our attention and energy is divided between a range of platforms and devices that are designed to capture and monopolise our time. Individuals and organisations often don't fully understand the practical steps they can take be more effective in the current landscape. More effective outcomes can be achieved for individuals and organisations via the adoption of practical skills and strategies to combat the negative impacts of the Attention Economy, which is what we hope to share throughout this first session. 



Session Details:

Saturday October 7th

8am - 9.15am (ACST)

Zoom link to be provided upon registration

Cost of registration also includes access to video recording and session notes