Life Rolls On Foundation

From the beginning of 2017 Ryde Clothing will be supporting the Life Rolls On foundation by donating $1 from each piece of clothing sold towards the foundation. Life rolls on is a foundation to help young people with spinal injury to experience skating and surfing giving them freedom beyond paralysis. A foundation I knew I had to be a part of. Life rolls on was founded by Jesse Billauer, Jesse was one of the top 100 junior surfers in the world, a month away from turning professional, when a wave threw him headfirst into a sandbar. The impact broke his sixth vertebrae, instantly rendering him a quadriplegic. Jesse decided his surfing story would not end here. With help from the surf community Jesse now leads thousands of wheelchair athletes into the freedom of surfing and skating. Let’s help them out and give them the freedom of skating and surfing that we all love!