Ryde Clothing 2019 RELAUNCH!?

  • 2 min read

A year of late nights and early mornings, a year of stressful decisions and exciting wins. This year has been crazy.

The beginning of 2018 was definitely one of the weirdest feelings, my first year out fo high school &  not really having a clear vision for what I wanted to do.

I saw everyone around me heading out to study further or settle into their chosen jobs. My story has been a little different, Although I felt lost, I knew the only thing I really felt passionate about was this brand that I had created back in 2016. I took the leap soon after starting a full time job to quit it and go all in with ryde. Since taking that leap it's been the craziest year yet!


Not exactly having this big plan for the brand I just knew there was something there and I had to follow it. For a while I still felt lost but I kept curious, interested and passionate, I Continued to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Soon after and Ive been able to speak at high schools to inspire the youth, stand up and speak at business events, travel, collaborate with some cool business’ and meet some really cool people!


Above all I’ve had the unreal experience of seeing all you legends wearing and getting around the brand, reading all the positive messages and comments saying how the brand has inspired you or that you just dig what I’m doing. looking back into 2016 I remember how lonely it felt to start a brand and no one really knew to now at the end of 2018 I feel like I’m surrounded by a family of people who support the Ryde culture and I couldn't thank you enough for that.


After this crazy year, i've found that my passion doesn't only sit with sport and spreading it through tees, I’ve developed this passion for, inspiring and collaborating with people, meeting new people and really feeling passionate about doing something for a purpose.


I feel like i've found a really cool way to incorporate this into the brand which is why i've decided to relaunch Ryde Clothing in February 2019. I can't wait to share with you guys what's going to be happening.


Thank You for a crazy 2018 legends! 2019 is going to be bloody fun! Yeww!

PS - We'll be releasing a new project in january 2019 as well!