Golden Hour Board

5 years ago I met Jimmy in Byron Bay, he taught us how to hand shape our own skateboard, we spent the day in his workshop crafting our own boards each with our own shape, feel and edge to them, the day was spent learning about each others journeys, passions, community and of course, love for skateboarding. This release is of handmade boards is the tangible representation of that day and of the people that come into your journey along the way and the impact that can have. 

I'd love to keep this collection of boards to myself, but I know the rich stories and moments that will be made from the Ryde Community riding them and continuing to spread their passion is so much more important.

Handmade and shaped in QLD, Australia
1 of 1 there's no two boards the same
Sustainably produced marine grade Australian hoop pine ply

Shipping cost applies for Ryde Skateboards.

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